CSR System

Social Welfare
We attach great importance to the education and growth of socially disadvantaged groups - especially children - and rely on our unique and high-quality resources in cultural and sports industries to help them develop both intellectually and physically.
Environmental Protection
We value the sustainability of our products and their compatibility with the nature by integrating energy-saving technologies with our green building practices.
Sustainable Development
We have taken the initiative to participate in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Through capitalizing on our core competitive advantages, we provide re-employment opportunities and training for people in poverty-stricken zone, which can benefit them in the long term.
Cultural Protection and Preservation
We advocate the excellence of Chinese culture and are dedicated to the protection and preservation of intangible cultural heritage and traditional architectures.
Partner Responsibility
We give preference to partners who undertake social responsibilities proactively and respect the environment and every person in their production and operation. While we progress with our partners, we also contribute our effort to the society.
Employee Responsibility
We adhere to the people-oriented concept through continuous optimization of our human resource system, provide our employees with channels for sustainable growth, and ensure the happiness of all “Sinoboers” in their professional and private life.
Consumer Responsibility
We are committed to product development, customized services, and lean management, in order to provide safe, healthy, and high-quality products as well as services.
Beijing Spirit

Patriotism - Inherit the traditional Beijing culture with a good mass base and high recognition, and enhance its connection with the urban culture;
Innovation - Protect the local intangible cultural heritage that has not received enough social attention and has even gradually disappeared;
Inclusion & Virtue - Care for different social groups and call for social attention.


Sports Culture: Happy Football - Popularize the health concept of football, let amateurs experience the fun of football and feel the positive energy of football; Strengthen the participation of the society in football and establish a good community football culture;

Physical Education: Strive Hard - Promote the sportsmanship of never giving up and always striving for the first place, and cultivate a positive attitude towards life; To provide professional support for teenagers who participate in football at campus or hope to engage in football in the future, and develop football talents.