01/02 2011

Come to Visit Our New Home!



A new year always brings with it a chance to celebrate new a new beginning. Sinobo Group greeted the new year with a housewarming when on 2 January, 2011, the group moved into its new office in the China World. There was a chance that some employees would be upset at leaving their former place of work. However, their response was unanimously positive; every employee quickly settled into their new office and came to think of it as their new home. It seemed like Sinobo’s core philosophy of being ‘one family’ had become reality.

Upon moving in, the members of the Sinobo family all excitedly talked about their new home. All the employees commented on the offices, lobby and meeting rooms and how they reflected the corporate culture of modesty, calmness and being open-minded. Most importantly, the new office embodied the Sinobo philosophy of respecting and valuing its employees.

Let's take a look around Sinobo’s new home. Upon leaving the elevator we enter the lobby which looks as though it has been designed by a master architect. In the middle of the lobby, surrounded by beautiful plants, stands a sculpture inscribed with the name of the company. The reception desk is to the left of the lobby, every employee’s working day begins with a welcoming smile from the two receptionists here.

The left side of the lobby leads to the offices of the senior executives, and the right side to the open-plan office. Let's take a look at the open-plan area first. All workstations take full advantage of available space and are specially designed by experts to provide employees with a comfortable working environment. Employees have personalized their workstations and the entire office is serviced by a full-time maintenance staff. The public space is designed in the shape of an 'L', in the corner of which is a refreshment area which is especially popular with employees. On one side of the refreshment area is a multimedia meeting room equipped with state of the art facilities for video conferencing with colleagues overseas.

Passing through the open-plan office we now reach the office area for senior executives, an area which has a quiet and composed atmosphere.

This is our new home, a beautiful home that members of the Sinobo family cherish and love to work in. 

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