05/18 2018

Sinobo Group Becomes Developer of Taizicheng


The signing ceremony of Chongli Taizicheng, a key cooperation project of Hebei Province, was held at the 2018 China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair on 18 May, 2018. The Governor of Hebei Province Xu Qin and Vice Governor Xia Yanjun attended the ceremony. This marks Chongli Taizicheng - the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics supporting project, entered the construction period.


On behalf of the major shareholder of the project, Mr. Jinhui Zhou, Chairman of Sinobo Group, said, "When the conglomerate of Sinobo, Thaiwoo and BTG  win the bid of the Taizicheng project, we feel a great responsibility and a sense of big mission. We are honorable to make our contribution to a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Winter Olympics. We also consider the sustainable development after the game and take the opportunity of consumption upgrade to develop the project into a distinctive resort with international influence, rich cultural heritage and unique attraction."


Sinobo Group, Thaiwoo Travel Resort Co., Ltd. and BTG Group will jointly develop this project to serve the 2022 Winter Olympics while focusing on the sustainable development of the project in the post-Olympic era. Sinobo Group owns 70% of the shares of this project.

The project covers an area of 2.89 square kilometers with a total construction area of 1.2 million square meters and a total investment of 20 billion RMB. Therefore, the project require a high qualifications, capabilities and financial strength of the bidders.

“For the design and construction, or the future operation of Taizicheng, we must fully consider the combination of event organization and sustainable development at the same time.” Mr. Jinhui Zhou said: “because of the strains time, we must pay close attention to our tasks, and must not make any mistakes in the work. We will take the advantages of the conglomerate in organizing experienced teams, integrating the best resources of all parties to hand over two excellent answers to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and local development. "

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